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Helping growers unleash the full potential of their cottonseed.
Delivering Cotton Solutions

Delivering Cotton Solutions
We take a whole-farm approach to help growers unleash the full potential of their cottonseed. We appreciate growers’ operational challenges and our sales team knows the agronomics, varieties used and pest spectrum in their areas. We also present a robust product portfolio to deliver solutions from planting to harvest. Whatever the rotational practice, we can help growers better manage risk and increase their return on investment.

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Our vast portfolio of cotton products helps growers control the weeds, insects and diseases that threaten yield.

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Investing in the Cotton Industry
Syngenta is committed to providing growers with the right tools and programs to improve farm efficiency. The Syngenta Pest Patrol Program serves as additional eyes in the field, alerting producers to potential threats to their crops. Our AgriEdge Excelsior® program enhances operational efficiency and overall farm management through recordkeeping and data capture.

With expertise, a research background and a deep understanding of growers’ farms, we are able to help cotton growers address key crop stresses and threats, all in an effort to shield the ir acres from reduced quality or yield.
Focus on Resistance Management
Proven tactics and information for greater yield.
Weed resistance threat is mounting
Weed Resistance Syngenta understands growers face hard-to- control populations of insects, weeds and disease; and we continue to deliver new technology to help fight these threats. With a rich history in resistance management and stewardship, a broad portfolio of innovative products, a veteran sales force, consistent investment in R&D and recognition of resistance thought leaders and best practices, Syngenta demonstrates our commitment to ensuring growers have the tools they need today and into the future.
Learn more about best resistance management practices.
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